Thank you for taking the time to read about L'Paige. I am Jane Horton and I am Principal of L'Paige Australia. My husband, Ross, and I are the Australian importers and distributors of L'Paige Cosmetics who are based in Dallas, Texas.

On a trip to America in 2002 we walked into a gift shop, Zuni, in Ruidoso, New Mexico, and I purchased a Green Changeable lipstick and one of the longlasting Designer Colours.  I was fascinated at how the Green Changeable would turn to a shade of pink when applied to my skin.  Having spent most of my life searching for a longlasting lipstick which was moisturising and comfortable to wear, I was thrilled that at last I'd found what I'd been looking for.

On my return to Australia I ordered some more lipsticks for my personal use and to my amazement L'Paige offered me the Australian distributorship. Ross and I have built our business over the past ten years and have L'Paige lipsticks in many health food stores and gift shops. We have developed a wonderful business and personal relationship with Erlene Hammett, the founder of L'Paige Cosmetics, and her daughter, Paige, after whom the lipsticks were named.

With consumers becoming so aware of lead in lipstick, the fact that L'Paige lipsticks do not contain lead, aluminium, tin, petroleum distillates, nor are they animal-tested, makes the product extremely appealing. It is also gluten-free.

We have decided to set up this website based on the wonderful feedback we have received from our retail stores and private customers.  The one thing which has plagued us since we began the business is the fact that we could not truly represent the shades on a colour chart.  In this website we have gone to great lengths to photograph and adjust each individual shade to be as close a representation of the true colour as possible.